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01-31-2010, 03:09 PM
i just got invited to that fleet in a random arena without me asking for it.

after reading the guildchat for 5 minutes with a lot more swearing then im ready to take, i left the fleet again.

i then got a private whisper from awok@sirawok asking me why i left.
i said "no offence, but im not going to be reading that kind of language all day".

his response was "you do realize its a method of trailing out weak as (&$=()/ french my language. you should be on vent as instructed ohh well too bad, guess you were full of fail for FoE."

he then put me on ignore.

i mean seriously: i play an arena and get in invite to a fleet without ever asking for it and when im not ready to take a bunch of fould language in the fleet chat and leave i get that kind of response ?
im full of fail ?
i was "instructed to join vent" ??? no one ever talked to me even .. besides that really sweet convo with sirawok.

way to treat people !

just thought i would let anyone know, what kind of guys to expect with fist of the empire.