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01-31-2010, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by BabylonCome View Post
I think we can safely say there is going to be a bigger queue for those wanting their money back than there is to try and actually play this game......

what a disappointment after so much hype and waiting to enjoy this so called 'classic'

Who on Earth has just 1 server cluster for a world wide MMO?
I hate to say it but I was hoping for this to be a Good MMO I could play for year's but This 1 Server is BS and any Co. that think's this is the way to go Should look at Cryptic and STO they could have had a Muiti Million plaier base instead they will be lucky to have a 100,000 die hard fan's they get there money back but they could of have something Great. The game isn't bad it's the stupid **** they did. They can't blame no one but there self. I might come back in 6 month when the game is 10 dollor's or free trail but they can stick it for now. :-(