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01-31-2010, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Axterix
It works in combat for me.

If I had to guess what happened, you were not alone in the instance, either teamed or in a fleet action. And you used it on a target that was targeting someone else. If you have auto-assist on (and it is on by default), a helpful ability that can target others that is used while you are targeting an enemy will be used on that enemy's target.

This happens when you don't have proper line of sight on a target. What I believe happens is the following:

The client creates a torp, then cooldowns for about a second or so while waiting for a response from the server that it has created a torp. If it gets one, it starts the proper cooldown. If it doesn't, it'll try and fire again, assuming the torp is set to auto-fire or you hit a button to fire it. Only a torp the server says exists will do damage.

I believe it is this way so the game feels responsive. You press the button, you see a torp, no delay. But the downside is that the torp that you see might not exist server side...
It seems you where correct, it works when im solo so I asume its the fault of auto assist.
Altho I dont find it anywhere to turn this off..