Thread: Ghost-like BOs.
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01-31-2010, 03:12 PM
Playing this again, I can see that BOffs are NOT able to go through background scenery as they are able to go through you. So, there shouldn't be a problem, in my view. They are not even called forth on Starbases and the like.

The only problem I am seeing is with certain NPCs that keep roaming around and possibly knocking into you, such as when you see a Vendor; but those are NPCs, not BOs. And yes, I have been the victim of over-crowded vendors with many players. I think this is only a short-term problem. Within a month or three, things should calm down a bit on that end.

Ships are interesting, too. There are a few folks that have complained about "ships rubbing up against each other" either in combat or Sector Space. While this can be annoying, IMO, it would be more annoying if one could pass through these ships.