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01-31-2010, 03:12 PM
this is just another bad management descion(sp) for a major game. it probably really had nothing to do with the guys doing the development persay....either that or the company goes.."hey we can make this great game for you for X dollars." then they found out they didnt have enough money at the end of development for hardware for thier servers. (probably the reason for offering the lifetime subs, get thier money up front) sooo good going cryptic!!! low ball yourself into a butt load of complaints and looking stupid! and if it truely was just some pencil pusher going "hey spend this money on 40 extra hours of 50 employees doing development rather than 5 extra servers.(and im a net admin i know what a good server goes for, its not much in the scheme of things)" kudos to you for ruining your companys rep.
oh and BTW, if you think i or alot of other people are going to pay to sit in a que for 30 mins, then get on and get stuck at the first loading screen we come to(which has happned to me 2 times already) and have to relog in only to get stuck in a que of 500 + people again you really are plain stupid. i for one will be cancelling my pre order if this is still happening tommorrow.

this is no longer beta, get your crap together cryptic.