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01-31-2010, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by naenee View Post
Instead of blindly upgrading your system with hardware you may well not need, consider playing with the numerous graphics settings available in-game.

First, set the basic graphics slider to the first or second 'notch'. Then, fine-tune your graphical preferences using the advanced option by checking the box beneath the slider.

Keeping Shadows on Low, and disabling Anti Aliasing and Post-Processing, as well as not enabling High Detail Actors are a good place to start. Increase viewing distance to a level you feel comfortable with when playing while keeping an eye on how well the game runs for you.

Try each setting separately - click Apply and fly/move around and see what the option does for you. If it makes things worse, you can always go back. If you enable/change a lot of settings at once, you may find yourself having trouble figuring out which working settings you had previously.

If all else fails, you can always use the Half-Resolution option - the game will perform a lot better and the Interface/Dialogs will still be in the same high resolution, so no functionality will be lost.

Good luck
Wouldnt do any good for him. he has a terrible graphics card for this game.