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01-31-2010, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Gorakhan View Post
You idiots are the worst - don't you realize that every customer lost just shortens the life of the game? Without revenue there won't be any more content for you and the other children.
and don't you realize that the people that are putting these post up can and will hurt the game more than their measly 15 dollars a month...people coming to the forums to see these bs posts will also be thrown off by the rants of a truly small percentage of the people that are actually enjoying the game....and wont be thrown off by the down time that WILL eventually be fixed...Perhaps you should look at the big picture as well before you call someone a idiot...this game is going to be fine...if city of heroes is still going lol...this game is going NO WHERE...I say let the crybabies go...dont let the door hit them in the you know what. Blizz could always use a few more crybabies back on their servers Im sure.