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So, I have had this crashing problem with other MMO games and it seems to always come back to Nvidia cards. I've downloaded the newest beta drivers from the site, still getting a crash. I read someone suggesting to go into Options and change troubleshooting to read from disk or something, but which options menu? On the launcher? In game? Should I change to proxy US or keep it at none? I'm seriously at a loss. I know all MMOs go through this when the glitches when they are brand new, so I'm not ticked off and threatening to /wrists and not buy the game. I'm just wanting to know what I can do on my end to hopefully end the crashes. I've heard of drivers not being compatible with servers for online games, but since I upgraded to the GeForce 260 GTX when I built my new computer a few months ago, it has caused me nothing but headaches. My driver that I currently have is 196.34 (beta).

So, graphics causing crashes? Plausible or not? Is there anything anyone has done that helps this problem? Thx.

**Edit** Found where to make the troubleshooting change. Here's hoping that does it....after the servers come back up, of course.