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The escort class ship is completely unlike the original intent that the star trek series originally designed it. I am very disappointed that cryptic has taken away from the class design in order to fit it into the DPS/glass cannon slot.

The escort class is suppose to be heavy armor/ heavy weapons platform. The class is called escort because it is suppose to escort less armored and less armed ship classes.

As it stands now i cant last one Minuit in battle. I get hit with a torpedo my shields are down and get hit with phasers my armor is down 50% i spend the next 30 seconds trying to dodge and stay alive. This is not what the escort class is designed to do.

The escort class is suppose to have specially designed armor called Ablative armor. and this is what its suppose to do

Also Where is my cloaking device that comes on escorts.

For more information on the huge discrepancies here are 2 places that you can gather info on how the ship is suppose to be.

If Cryptic can not stay with the lore of star trek, then i cant play this game. I hope that a change is made soon. and i hope that star trek fans unite to help keep cryptic in there place.