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01-31-2010, 04:57 PM
really i could understand if we were asking for a lot. but all we are asking for is 2 or 3 more points in turn. seriously, that isnt game braking. and, it could be ballanced real ez. i fail to see how that is gana make cruisers the "best" or "only" choice. at that rate it will still have the lowest turn rate amoungst fed ships. I also dont see why every thing in the game couldnt get the same boost adding the same number across the board. I think thoes that say its bad must 1 have never tried cruisers, and 2 are mabe even just trolling. anyone i've talked to that i've seen in a t3 or higher cruiser (expecially a t4) in game have major complaints about the turns. I mean it litterly takes over a min to turn even with all the right skills. without evasive i mean cause it shouldnt take that just to turn around in less than that. so as i have stated before. Go get a t3 or t4 cruiser fly it, try to stay in it and do missions for even 2 or 3 hours, then come talk to us. if you havent, you really shouldnt be slamming our post.