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01-31-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by thorbrand View Post
To everyone that thinks this is a bad launch you really have not played many MMOs at launch. This is going pretty well. I remember the good of queue in WOW, up to 8hrs. I am sure there is plenty of people that remember that and being on the server that went down for two weeks and locked up everyones account, that was even better.

I've been in many a launch day MMO's. CoH, Campions, SWG, Matrix, STO, ... wanting to think there was another....

And, no, none of others were quite this bad with down time that i remember. None of them had Ques. Buggy? Yeah. Laggy? yeah. but at least i was able to PLAY. No, this is prolly the worst, followed by Champions oddly enough. Cryptic, doesn't seem to be learning from there past blunders.

Makes me fear a 2.2.10 nerf when we log in... i wouldn't be supprised at all honestly....