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01-31-2010, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by SysOpPsyche View Post
That would be curious, if someone used a Beta code from 1 retailer (I've heard they've giving them away so Beta access wasn't really a bonus) and purchased from another it probably wouldn't work.
Well, if a Dev looks into your account, they would know what pre-orders you have from what retailer, even though it shows up as a general pre-order in your account screen.

If you don't get your pre-order Connie, even though you have a pre-order code from Gamestop attached to your account, along with the retail code, then you could contact Cryptic and they'll look into it. They're usually very good with this sort of thing.

Its just unfortunate that they don't have nearly as much staff as they would like to have, and calls tend to go unanswered. Just keep trying if you run into something like that.