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# 1 Looking for an Active guild.
01-31-2010, 04:00 PM
My name in game is Blackmagnum. I have played MMO's: SWG, WoW, ****, Vanguard, an old one called Freelancer. Back in the 90's I ran an email based RPG called SFCC (Starfleet Command Club).
I enjoy playing with laid back people and those who help each other out.
I am looking for an active fleet that enjoys STO,
For some reason and I don't know why: I do not like when people call themselves Fleet Admiral when in game they aren't.
So, if your fleet (guild) are looking for people and your rank in game is the one that counts. Please send me your info.
I have teamspeak and ventrilo so if you use one of those, even better.

thanks for reading and hope to find fun people to game with soon.