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01-31-2010, 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by Skinmeister View Post
Common sense>authenticators.

Agreed, as a now retired developer myself the days of randomly guessing or brute forcing passwords are long gone. Now days a players stupidity is all that's needed to steal a password.

More often than not, what gets someone hacked is sharing account info with anyone, whether you trust them or not it's a bad idea to ever share your account info.

Buying an account
Sharing account info
Visiting a warez site
installing an addon that uses an .exe
Using 3rd party cracks/hacks
Sharing account info
Visiting a malicious website.
Using a power level service
Sharing account info
Installing an addon with an .exe
Sharing account info
Using password info identical to emails etc
Using stupidly simple passwords, like my all time favorite from when I worked on EnB "1234567"

See the pattern here. No matter what you say, the likelihood of a random bruteforce/guess account hack is so small that you deserve to be shot if it honestly happened to you.

Common sense > all