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As the title says. The Devs owe you nothing at this point. They owe you nothing until 2/2/2010. That is when the game goes live. That is when you can all say, 'Well I paid for this game'. You paid for a service that begins on 2/2/2010. The company allowing you to get a head start is nothing but a priviledge. So what is the point in threatening that you will not buy this game because of all that is happening in the beta. Yeas, that is what headstart really is, More Beta Crash testing. How does the company telling you what problems they are having with their servers fix any problem? There is nothing that you can do to help them. What does you knowing accomplish? Absolutely nothing except give you more fodder to ***** about.

Sitting on these forum say that they are doing everything wrong 'ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING'. This is how they are going to run their game for the time being, this is how their server are going to run (Well in a fixed state I imagine) This is how the game play will be.

So Please, Will you stop whining, and *****ing at the Devs for some ridiculous reason and let them work. Oh Wait, They are fixing things because they aren't listening to you whine and moan.

And nobody is cheating, you just suck at PvP. Fix=Suck less

Rant Done for now...
Flame on!