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01-31-2010, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Bheduwa
Hmm.. during OB I drove an Escort.. it was a wrecking ball and had unbelievable staying power.

Sure.. sometimes too many adds would take it out, but that was not the norm.

So.. right before they shut the server down just now, I leveled to LtComm and got me another Escort.

I sure, sure, sure hope they didnt alter Escort class from what it was in OB.. it is a most amazing class of badass.

EDIT to add::

Of course, in Open Beta, there were actually some useful drops that had decent upgrades.. now, however, sheesh.

I went all the way to 11 and I still don't have a Tactical Console.. and now I have a ship that uses 2 of them..

Not to mention the bugged BO reward from quests. Ya.. you get the BO, but they must have got vaporized when beaming aboard.. so.. still only the 3 BO that I had from way back.

Ya.. I'd say something has changed in the entire game since OB just a couple days ago. /pfft

If all you're doing is questing, don't expect much in the way of rewards. Do some PVP. I would average 33 badges per round, and the nice rewards cost about 120. Consoles, weapons, components, you name it. Also, fleet actions tend to yield some nice drops.

And for your BO's, have yo gone to your "Assignments" tab? When you get a BO, press K and go over to assignments, you can train their abilities or add them to your crew. They've been working for me.