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01-31-2010, 05:06 PM
yes, it's annoying that the servers crash, and yes, it woulda been nice if everything ran smooth at headstart. But it's not, and their looking at eachother wide-eyed trying to work things out. This however for us is concidered a bad thing. But it's not, they have to bring it down to reconfigure it in hope of better results. THEY TOO are hoping for a smooth launch.

It would be nice if they gave notice(which they have a couple times), but I remember when CO had problems we got a notice in plain english, rather personal like,..... hey guys, this is what happened, we didn't expect the large turnout in beta, and are working on bringing new servers online as soon as possible, we regret that this will take aprox. 2 hours, we appreciate your ..........yada yada yada....

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