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Originally Posted by Cpt_Raimus
The usual method for the Cardassian military to build new ships was to strip mine planets of available resources. This includes the ones they live on. By the lack of resources, you have to realize that probably more than half the gross domestic national product of the Cardassian Union went straight to their military. Maybe more than that.

As far as known military ship classes, once again, it's a matter of perspective. Paramount is only going to spend as much money as they have to for an episode of Star Trek, so when they need stock footage of a Cardassian ship, they pick one of the three you mentioned, Hideki, Galor, and Keldon. From various other sources, mostly games, it can be inferred that there are several others, especially given the predatory school-like swarm tactics they usually employ. Star Trek Armada II has a number of examples that I would consider reasonable.

As far as tactics go, Cardassians are usually by the book soldiers, unimaginative, but efficient and brutal. The interrogation techniques of the Obsidian Order are rightly feared as probably the best imaginable. After all, the officer who interrogated Picard wasn't in the Obsidian Order, and he came very close to cracking one of the strongest willed Starfleet officers ever.

In game I wouldn't think there would necessarily be more engineers than anything else for the Cardassians, rather I would think every officer has as least a rudimentary understanding of engineering that they can either expand upon or not, given their specific duties. Garak was known as being good with computer systems, while Gul Dukat knew a little about almost every system on DS9.

To sum up, I agree with two of your points, that they had large numbers and tough but limited amounts of technology. However, I disagree that they had limited styles of ships, and that they were all cruisers. My argument against them being cruisers is that Cardassian ships tend to have a forward facing weapons array, it's very rare to see them shoot anywhere else. Also their ships tend to work better in formation than they do by themselves, which, if that's the military's intention, would mean that they wouldn't necessarily need high powered shield generators. Also a factor is the cost, why would a primarily militant government build cruiser type ships when you can build escorts that blow things up just as well?

I have to point out that limiting ships to the classifications of escort, science or cruiser is kind of a crude way of dealing with it, but I hope I got my point across without making it confusing.

I still think they would need a lot of engineers to maintain their forces, but I highly doubt that many of them would be made captains, especially not of military vessels.
O.K. I can see your points to...however, I'm trying to guess at what Cryptic would do with a Cardassian faction. Galors and Keldons don't fit the small, fast, armed to the teeth escorts...So, my guess would be that the main ships in the Cardassian arsenal are cruisers... Whether they are used as such or not. The ships contain large crews and are less maneuverable than escorts. I can see Engineers commanding these ships because they would know the capabilities....Not to say all Galors or Keldons would be commanded by such, just that they would mostly comprise Engineering or those who had understanding of such.

When Cryptic adds the Cardassians, how will they create them and stick with cannon (as much as possible) I can't see them expecting Cardassian players to fight in large formations mainly because Cardassians aren't the most popular species in the quadrant...there won't be enough players interested in playing the Cardassian faction. I do enjoy a challenge and Cardassians would probably be the biggest challenge of all the major factions...truth is, most gamers would rather have all of the big toys and have the best of everything so that would pretty much keep the Cardassian patch a minor patch. So, either Cryptic would have to spend a lot of time creating ships that could fight in smaller formations and move away from the original miitary doctrine or they need to find ways to attract more players to fight in large formations.