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01-31-2010, 05:07 PM
awesome, and now the server is down.

Im really starting to get scared that this is going to be the rule rather than the exception. I mean so far there are so many negatives associated with his game and not too many positives outside of the game itself.

It's easy to dismiss issues as "its Open Beta' or "Its headstart" but it would be folly to suggest that these issues are going to magically fix themselves by tuesday morning.

The fact that there is little to no interaction from the Cryptic team on these forums suggests that they are not customer oriented. because even if you think that all the entitlement threads, and "I hate this game" Threads are invalid, from a business perspective that are loosing out on potential clients and even current clients by creating an image of a company that doenst care.

they certainly don't "Have to" upgrade their equipment to deal with a heavy demand to play the game, because as some have stated, they could loose alot of money if the demand dropped off. but how can you expect to have a successful game without taking that risk, its almost like shooting it in the foot developmentally and expecting it to still do well. creating any game is a risk, it can be canceled at any time, this title should know that better than most.

There are alot of people here who will tough it out just because its star trek, but there are just as many people who thought it was a cool looking game and wanted to play. but if they dont start addressing customer needs then I feel like this game is going to be doomed from the start.