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01-31-2010, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by BabylonCome View Post
I think we can safely say there is going to be a bigger queue for those wanting their money back than there is to try and actually play this game......

what a disappointment after so much hype and waiting to enjoy this so called 'classic'

Who on Earth has just 1 server cluster for a world wide MMO?
No clue what the problem with one server cluster is. It has multiple instances. I personally have never had a problem logging in and playing even during prime time on Saturday, when the server was up for about 7 hours straight before I went to bed.

That being said, I actually like the one server, multiple instances idea, for many different reasons.

Originally Posted by ZeroG661
I've been in many a launch day MMO's. CoH, Campions, SWG, Matrix, STO, ... wanting to think there was another....

And, no, none of others were quite this bad with down time that i remember. None of them had Ques. Buggy? Yeah. Laggy? yeah. but at least i was able to PLAY. No, this is prolly the worst, followed by Champions oddly enough. Cryptic, doesn't seem to be learning from there past blunders.

Makes me fear a 2.2.10 nerf when we log in... i wouldn't be supprised at all honestly....
You're a liar. You weren't at SWG launch if you think SWG was better than this.

Why? Because for the first two or three days of SWG launch the only thing people could do is log into the pre load chat channel and cry. You couldn't even LOAD the game and get to the game menu!

Keep exaggerating please.

PS Did Matrix even launch? I guess when you only have 100 people playing, launch days seem like gold.

Originally Posted by GorHanis
I save all the usual QQ and complain... I just WANT REFUND!!! And I contact my LAWYER about that!I can understand many problems, if I see that some CM or DEV care the "stupid customers" and say something about the problem AT LEAST! But there is nothing than just stupid illogical queues and maintances "caught from air"...

My lawyer contact you shortly dear Cryptic... sry... I really like the game, but I doesn't pay for this!
Can you see how bad you look saying this? Contacting a lawyer over a game? Jees...