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01-31-2010, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Stinkybudz
My biggest concern atm is the totall lack of comunication. Every other game that the devs have ignored there PB like this the game never ever makes it. A dev posting something as simple a "Guys chill i,m knee deep in code atm trying to fic the mem leak and the network guys have the server in pieces working it out.. i promise ill keep ya posted". Those of us who are reasonable yet not blind would ease up at least for a bit.
Come on with all these people crying and screaming and acting so childish would you come on here and waste your time as a Dev?
I sure as heck would not

No matter what they say people are just going to flip out.
What do you mean you are knee deep in code? that was supposed to be done X number of days ago.
WHAT!!!! you dont have tons of money to have bunches of spare servers?
What!!!! your network has problems why werent those fixed ages ago
(and those are some of the reasonable responces)

IF JUST IF people would be reasonable and fair with their complaints and be patient maybe then Devs would be more willing to go out on a limb and post comments.

I have actually seen Devs make the "mistake" of giving info to the forums who then spun it around and made the Dev sorry he said anything