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01-31-2010, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Capt_K
Cryptic. You have now lost me.
I saw the pre-beta stuff was excited. I read a whole bunch of Closed-Beta-era Reviews/Previews. Most of them loved the game, but still said it needed some work. A few outright told me not to spend money on this game. I was in on the open beta from day 1. I made my character, logged onto the actual game saw my character for ten seconds before the server kicked me out. I should have stopped then, but I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt, I continued through the beta, slugging my way through the constant crashes and "downtime". I dealt with the bug where your ship loads instead of your character before crashing my game. I even had a time when the game crashed my computer. Now I am in the Headstart with (what SHOULD be) the release version of the game and, in addition to the unfixed bugs from the Beta, I have to deal with QUEUES???

**** you. I would demand my money back, but I'd never see a cent of it. You have put me in a whole new dimension of ****ed off. I could not even begin to express my anger in a written and coherent sense. It has actually taken me about a half and hour to calm the **** down from when I was yelling obscenities at my computer screen. This game showed so much promise three months ago and now, well, I can literally not wait until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out because, while they have never made an MMO before, Bioware makes games that actually work when they're released. WHat has Cryptic made, Champions Online? City of Heroes/City of Villians? Not only were both crap but they were the same ****ing game. It's like Cryptic didn't even try and develop a second game, they just RE-RELEASED THEIR FIRST ONE. STO will forever be remembered as a Second Rate MMO, from a Second Rate MMO Company, with FIrst Rate IP; just wasted potential.
LOL iomg omg im still laughing at this guys post, its a GAME get over yourself, how can they fix bugs without taking the server downm lol

instead of whining why not book yourself in for some anger management lol?