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01-31-2010, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by Rikaelus View Post
Heh, you further justify it with this post....

... because stability depends on them fixing these problems, and to fix them now helps ensure that, in the future, you can have your 12 hours of uptime in a row.
Sorry - where exactly was the justification for being abused?

What you said is utter rubbish. They had BETA testing to find these sorts of serious bugs - NOT when the game is live.

I repeat - applauding a compay for rank failure is plain silly. If I made these screw ups in my job and then said I would 'fix them within a couple of hours' I wouldnt be applauded, id be sacked.

Even if it was my first day, I would still have been disciplined.

So whats with the massive fanboism - applauding them for fixing something that broke? Thats their job for gods sake.

Applaud them when everything is working, Applaud them for what is a reasonably good game (When its up) but dont applaud them for turning the servers off to fix something that should have been fixed in beta.

PS - Ive reported your previous post - there is utterly no reason for that sort of abuse.