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01-31-2010, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by Spillway
Curious what people think of the melee trait for Borg the Borg Neural blast, is it good or not worth the trait?
I like it... I'm an engineer and interested in placing turrets and shields for ground combat, the Neural Blast is a great skill for halting those hard-hitting Klingon etc that rush in close.

It's a 30 second -75% snare guaranteed, with a full stun that re-applies every few seconds with a 40% chance to land.

Would I like another space skill? Sure... But why play a Borg if I'm not going to use their special ability that only Borg have? That defeats the purpose...

I personally feel it should have a lower cooldown however, since things on the ground die fairly fast I am lucky to use it once per two enemy groups... I am guessing it will balance out as I get further through the game though.