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Today I ran one of the non-combat missions, and I was struck at the irony of my pint-sized Vulcan female tactical officer toting around her 4-1/2 foot long cannon like the Marine gal in "Aliens." I'm sure the shrubberies were impressed. Granted, if it's a diplomatic mission it may help make an impression if the person you're talking to is staring down four barrels of smoking instant death. But it's not exactly a Star Trek sorta image.

A few of us were talking about this in Fleet channel today, and one excellent suggestion came up: Have the BOs beam down with weapons holstered. If you click any of the "combat" icons (My Target, Attack Mode, whatever) let them pull them out. Or if they're set to "standby" have the weapons pop out when they try to initiate an attack.

For a mission without any military targets whatsoever, having them tote around Massive Cannons of Death seems not only awkward but very un-Trek-like.