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01-31-2010, 04:15 PM
Regarding melee:
No. Melee right now is dominated by the overpowered palm stike/rifle strike which are spammable, does a knock down and has a chance of a hold and expose every time you hit someone. There's no point to any other form of melee because someone with an exploit gun mashing his rifle melee attack will end up vaporizing you.

Even if they fix that, melee is pretty risky unless it's 1v1. The DPS on melee attacks just doesn't cut it compared to what that sniper rifle is going to be hitting you for.

Originally Posted by Labolina View Post
I would like some input from you guys on ground weapons also. What rifles etc you find effective.
I personally think the split beam phaser rifle is the best. It does the same damage as the sniper rifle but hits multiple targets. Sniper rifle has the advantage of also doing a knockdown but I don't see how you can say no to the ability to snipe the entire enemy team at once (if they stand close enough together).

Frankly it's probably overpowered.

Well okay, not probably, it just is. I play with different expose weapons but for an exploit weapon I only use the split beam weapons.

For expose you have a lot more choices.

Stun beam phaser pistol - 100% chance of a 2 second stun on the target (unless immune), long range and chance of an additional 2 second stun. Single target and worthless damage but the range and stun are great.

Dual pistols - seems to me these have a very wide angle expose attack, but it's also very short range. Good DPS, though. Good close quarters weapon for spamming cone exposes.

Wide angle phaser - I feel like the cone angle is narrower than the dual pistols and the range is still short but the damage on the wide angle hit is pretty solid and can actually help you kill people.

I'm also playing with some disruptor bomb assault gun that blasts an AOE explosion on the target with a knockdown and chase to expose. I'm finding it to be pretty good against teams of enemies that work together and stay close because you can often catch several people in the blast. The gun makes you stop moving in order to shoot, though, with is a detractor.

IMO, when pugging it, get the stun pistol. It'll help you run away and will help stop enemies from fleeing and isn't a terrible way to expose people in a general firefight. In an organized team where you might actually have competent backup, those short range wide angle expose guns can be pretty nice.