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01-31-2010, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Hand_of_Fate View Post
What is this fracking nonsense?

You have everyone on one game server, the game isn't even released yet to have that high a population yet, and we've got queue's almost a 1000 people long?

What exactly is it I'm paying for at this point?
As many other posts have undoubtedly pointed out, you haven't paid for a single thing yet. Head Start is still free play and is still betaish in feel. At least they have a Que to let you know when you may get on. Other MMO's just lock you out.

I am sure that they are adding equipment to handle the high load. I think Cryptic wasn't ready for the amount of subscribers that STO has or the amount of beta/head start players. They will get it all sorted out soon, they have good hardware people working hard to fix it all.