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01-31-2010, 05:18 PM
I could have sworn when I looked at my VISA account, that I was short 60$ for the game on STEAM, and another 250 or so CDN for the lifetime. Product paid for. Im now a customer, even if the product isn't released. Complaining about something I already own is my right as a customer who has given money to them.

These problems won't get up and magically disappear on launch day. Game was in beta for a month, and by end it was mostly stable. Head start begins with a LOT less people and we have lag, queues and rubber banding all over.

And before you ask, I have played alot of MMOs on launch, some worse and some better. The worse ones, like Anarchy Online gave people refunds and free time for their broken launch, and so far this game seems to be on track for the same crap. The game is very unfinished and technically shouldn't be released. I get that they have to launch now, but that doesn't take away from the fact that its still broken for people who have paid money.

It also doesn't help that Cryptic seems to be the quietest company ever for an MMO launch. All we get is "Emergency Maintenance" posts 30mins after the servers actually go down. No open discussion, no news on our investment, just nothing. The company should have a PR group helping us with updates and news, and reasoning behind decisions. (like how during beta everyone complained fleet actions are too rewarding for only escorts, then the game goes into headstart with IMPROVEMENTS TO ESCORTS IN FLEET BATTLES, making it impossible for non-escorts to get any loot). Clearly they don't seem to realize they have a forum for communication between players and devs. One of the worst "MMOs" ive ever played was Phantasy Star Universe, but their north american devs were always on their forums helping out and talking to the community. It made for an amazing experience, despite the horrible game. Would be nice if we could get some feedback.