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01-31-2010, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by Ansil1
I can not believe they have not resolved this issue yet. So basically right now once we get to t3 just roll a alt till they fix this.
O while your at it please fix the f#@k^&g PVP kit merchant. Another issue that is amazing they went live with.
That is not the only issue they haven't fix since CB... there are some that got fixed , but some don't. There are other Ground maps/zone that were very good on leveling a Klingon, But those maps were broken during CB, in OB and Headstart are been offlimits.

The only thing i can recommend is to continue sumiting bugs reports.

I wonder why they don't implement to give awards when you complete a Fleet action, ok having a blue or green item is alright at the end, but what about getting SP's, BOP's and Honor Points. Yes you can get 1SP per kill, but something more for finish the Fleet action.