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01-31-2010, 05:24 PM
Originally Posted by MrBlinker

You're a liar. You weren't at SWG launch if you think SWG was better than this.

Why? Because for the first two or three days of SWG launch the only thing people could do is log into the pre load chat channel and cry. You couldn't even LOAD the game and get to the game menu!

Keep exaggerating please.

PS Did Matrix even launch? I guess when you only have 100 people playing, launch days seem like gold.
Oh i was there. And i seem to recall PLAYING the game, all be it very laggly, the point of frustration. But I was able to do more then post on a message board, which is all i'm doing right now.( i had a pretty top notch computer atm, and a cable internet. I COULD play, even if you couldn't. ) Besides that point of contention, STO's launch mighte be a littel tiny bit better the SWG's, (for the sake of argument) and that's somehow a GOOD thing?