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Firstly dont flame me but yes I'm buying STO and Indeed this downtime is really really annoying. I'm trying to think of smooth launches for an MMO and LOTRO comes to mind but that game was in development for such a long time i'm not surprised. (well ran smooth in Europe) that being said it seems STO has far exceeded Cryptic's expectations and I'm sure once they release an idea of numbers that purchased the game or trying to log in we'll understand a bit more about some of the reasons for these issues.

It was only a week ago Storm announced that due to Open Beta being so popular they where having to order in more server capacity urgently as demand has outstripped what they had and thats fine. Now during headstart its got a lot worse and I've noticed server is much more busy then Open Beta (you only need to see how many PVP instances on the go for that one!) and mostly that will be because people now realise they can 'level' without it being wiped unlike in open beta.

I do understant people assume we are paying but in reality most of us 'Except Lifetime' have not paid yet so come the 2nd we can moan as hell all we want but nevertheless Cryptic are showing they are 'trying to sort it out'. Surely its a good thing and testiment to the game that its so busy with people wanting to play its in fact causing issues? I'm even sure the Sever Q's are only Temp while more gear is added and I suspect in the not too distant future a lot of the 'server' issues will be resolved. I'd say its quite rare for a company to be hosting a single world server that allows us all to play no matter of nationality which isnt a bad thing and in my fleet we have folks all over the world so at any time we can group and have fun!.

Cryptic has said

'Originally Posted by Kestrel
It's generally accepted in the MMO industry that if you sell X games, you will have Y percent of those players online at any given time.

It's called CCU, or concurrent users.

STO is not playing by the rules. That's not a bad thing -- it just means that we have to work to get as many people the best play experience possible.'

To me thats basically proving that more people want to play at the same time then antticipated. There are plenty of other posts around by the Dev's trying to resolve it for us so lets all take a chill pill it is down lets do something else? I'm with you I'm peed off playing hardly any today but so what! This is what happens always on release days and its odd people forget the past from the MMO's they once came from since it was a long time ago.

Now folks Good Luck and see you in game but please take a break have a Kit Kat!