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Humor thread. We all need it right now because of the queue stress.

Keep in mind that I've only gotten to Lt. Cmr. in open beta, so these might probably be wrong.

Phasers set to kill = lie: apparently, Starfleet officers that burn people away to a crisp using "kill" were just really good at exposes

Fall damage = negligible. : Just like in STO, if you jump off a ridge, you only take so much damage. In Star Trek: First Contact, Data jumped about 3-4 stories down to stop Lily from shooting. He took maybe 5 damage. Picard could have done the same thing, but no one knows if he'd survive the bullets! *gasp!*

Saucer separation = Legendary tactical/engineering console: This item will never be procured in the game... Only famous NPC's can equip it, see it or get it to drop

Voyager's Tri-cobalt device? : Either this was a one time use item, or Janeway had Tuvok train in a different ability and replace it. The fool! No respec NPC in the Delta Quadrant

Tuvok = Voyager member that carried wide-beam phaser : No one else used it! Wonder why...

Very few Starfleet officers roll

Red-shirts have no respawn button

Worf, Geordi, and Miles O'Brien changed jobs: they used to be red, but changed to yellow! (Come to think of it, Worf changed from Tactical to engineering in TNG and then back to tactical in DS9)

I'm too good for body armor: None required on an away mission (or not invented yet)

Enterprise E got some good loot: Quantum Torpedoes. I want to know what mission they participated in to get that.

Wolf 359 was too high level: The fleet that moved to kill the Borg cube at Wolf 359 must have been a heck of a lot of levels above.

Q = messed up GM: 'nuff said

DS9 = 1 instance: Overpopulation on the Promenade! ZOMG~~~