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01-31-2010, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by BRHsDad View Post
TY all, but does anyone have a good STO story to tell, that will overshadow all the negativity about the game. I understand the issues. That's why I prefer MMO(continuous updates and content)
I like the game. I really do. But it depends on your expectations. See, STO is a casual game. And it's a combat game.

And STO is just another MMO.

Everyone expects new MMOs to be revolutionary games that will change the industry. That's what people said about Age of Conan. That's what they said about Warhammer. That's what the press said about ****.

That's what they're saying about SW:TOR now. And yeah, some people had those expectations for STO. STO isn't gonna meet those expectations. It's just an MMO. Nothing special.

So if it's just an MMO, what does it do right? It has some nice features. Auto-grouping. I like that. Fleet actions are decent. I like the episode mission structure. The writing is pretty decent. I appreciate that sort of thing. Storytelling's good.

I like how you aren't just playing a single avatar. You're playing a captain, with your own starship and crew. The fact you get to customise the starship...and customise the names and appearances of your NPC companions... is cool.

I like how the gameplay shifts between space and ground is neat. It really is. It's different. It's variety. The ground combat is fun for me. It's kinda-almost action shooter gameplay. Fluid, dynamic, and fast-paced. And space combat is awesome, and there's a surprising amount of complexity to space equipment and tactics.

But at the end of the day, it's just another game. Play it if you're interested; if you don't you're not missing out. Save the cash for something else. I love this game and I'll keep playing it, but it's obviously not for everyone.