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01-31-2010, 04:52 PM
Listen man, sure it's Cryptic and a lot like their other game styles. Sure it's a bit repetitive also. Patrol this system, patrol that system. Yadda' yadda' yadda'.

It's like having a military life where you're told to complete a mission/objective. Thats what happens.

There are things that need work but this is brand new, it'll take a while. Should it have been more prepared? Sure. Is it game breaking that it's not at this point? No.

If you're not sure, then wait a month and think about it.
If you're a trekkie and want to go rounds with Klingons decloaking off your starboard side, the get in your captain's chair.

It's not a very deep game at lower levels. It doesn't take a 20 man raid to have to do anything. It looks good and sounds good. You can call Starfleet from the site of your mission and get another without having to go back to the station, and warp on to your next mission.

There are wandering NPCs and traders in the systems map who you can unload your cargo to. They don't pay premium but they clear inventory. Things like that - gamer/time friendly stuff.

I enjoy it - it's far from being the best game ever - but I look forward to growing with it.