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01-31-2010, 04:54 PM
Lol...all these people jumping to the defence of STO's shoddy performance and capacity issues make me cringe. Let's look at some things to consider:

Cryptic is not new at this MMO business so why are they getting bit in the arse by capacity and performance issues - it's not as though all this server technology is new to them? Cryptic also hasn't had to write an MMO engine from scratch. STO is using the Champions Online engine, so why isn't this engine more stable? Do they learn nothing from past efforts at creating and launching an MMO?

Cryptic know EXACTLY how many active accounts there are. You have to activate your account on their own account server before you can play. It's a simple matter of counting how many accounts are active to get a figure to subsequently judge how much hardware you need.

I'll give Cryptic some leeway here in response time though, so they can react to surges in subscribers by ordering new hardware and adding it to the system. Let's be generous and give them 5 working days to sort out queue and log-in problems, though I would expect an experienced MMO developer to have planned ahead and have arrangements with server hardware suppliers in place to speedily provide additional hardware sooner. This means the issues we are having with queues, disconnects and other log-in problems should be gone in a week. Let's see if that happens.

Most MMO developers are happy to release unstable, buggy as hell products at launch instead of delaying the game until it's reasonably problem-free, you know, like most single player game developers do. The fact it's an MMO is irrelevent to the overall concept of releasing stable, good quality software that people pay for.

The reasons why MMO devs are happy to do this is because of the large number of apathetic, "Ho hum, it's just the way things are with MMOs" people in the world, they really are all willing to take the full-fist when it comes to getting the goods you pay for. MMO devs basically know they can get away with releasing patently unfinished, unpolished products to retail because of these apathetic masses. I suspect these people are the kind of individual that will sit, cowed and quiet, in a restaraunt, unwlling to complain when provided with sub-standard service...and still give a generous tip when it's time to pay up

Here's a thought. Considering how the majority of MMOs release in such relatievly shoddy state time after time despite previous experience in the industry, and considering how they remain in a poor state weeks after launch, why not at least give the client away free and just do away with free month play?

As it is I've paid 39.99 for an obviously shoddy product and service (that's about 4 months of subs fees). I'd much rather just get the client free and pay 8.99 for a month at the start to see if the product and service turns out to be worth retaining my subscription