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01-31-2010, 04:56 PM
I loved my Open Beta crew, Iager, Korok, Keval, Zack, and Russ (In order of posted description). Wished they wouldn't've gotten reset...... (along with my 10K+ credits...)
I'd post what pics I've got, but we've been havin' trouble with the net, half of the pages will load the other half won't, including the service I use to upload pictures to. I 'll describe the best I can,

My Captain was a 7-Foot Alien with blue-purple skin, with verticle orange stripes on his face, horizontal on his neck. White spikey bangs, multi-eyebrows, and chin spines. Green reflective eyes. No markings other than spots on face. Medium buld.

My Klingon Engineereing officer is the shortest of my crew, 5'6'' with compressed torso and limbs to make him shorter.

Both or my Andorians, Tatical and Engineering, were approx. 6-Foot to 6'6 each. Tatical had darker skin, a scar, green eyes, and-I beleive- mutton chops. The engineer had a lighter complexion and a braided beard.

My Science offier was, I think, 6-foot as well, Human, blue eyes, brunette pony tail, Visor 04, and a dark blue tribal marking.

All of my officers sported TNG Movie Uniforms with colors coorespnding to those in the movies on color and divison color.

I'll get what pictures I have up when I can.