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01-31-2010, 04:59 PM
More diplo/exploration missions, yes! And ADD puzzle type missions, love the suggest earlier about the warp core/timer.

More RP...HUH?

I'm sorry, but just how in the hells do you expect them to create RP missions? First off, WHO'S character is the RP being designed for? Your Tac main, my Tac main, her Engineer or that dude's Science? And how exactly are the devs supposed to know how we'd RP our character? Maybe my Tac main is actually a pacifist type who wants to try and avoid actual combat through bluff and posturing, as opposed to yours who(hypothetically) is all about kicking arse and asking questions of any possible survivors(and he doesn't bother to carry a notepad), so how exactly would they design a RP mission to fit BOTH of those types? And then expand that mission to fit the other 100k+ players AND all the alts they might make and THEIR personality types?

Seriously, you can't make RP happen via the game engine, either the players do it or they don't, ain't nothing a dev can do about that. Not to mention the simple impossiblity of designing RP encounters that fit even a small percentage of the possible personality types people will play.