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Hello gang,

I must say that this has been a troubled child to kick out of the womb. All of the development issues that have plagued STO from the time you opened it up to Friends and Family, to Closed Beta to Open Beta and now in the third day of the Head Start, it has been a very rocky road to get to this point. I must say that few here would have the cojones to step into game development and take on such an IP as Star Trek as expect to turn out a quality game with all of the things they have demanded be put in the game, and you guys have tried your best to turn out a good game, perhaps the best game any developer could have given the time frame and monies that you have to work with.

I would like to say that for myself, I have always been with you guys all the way since you've picked up the IP from Perpetual, who IMO severely dropped the ball on the IP, talking too much and doing way too little development on the game, and then in the midst of it all they went and changed their name and tried to hide the fact that they were in trouble and then with all of the intelligence of a brick tried to push another game, Gods and Heroes, out the door to distract us from the fact that they were failing Star Trek at every turn and were in too deep and too proud to ask for help. They dropped the ball on G&H, canceling it mere days from release and I was sadly in the beta on that one, hoping that they might be able to turn out a good product that would show the world that they could make a quality MMO.

But you have a proven track record as far as I'm concerned and with a few MMO's under your belt, you bravely took on this IP and made choices that some have questioned as far as the direction you have chosen to take the IP in and stuck to those choices as much as you could without caving in to too many ranters and complainers about how your ruining the franchise.

You have dropped the ball somewhat with the community interaction, allowing the community way too much time to speculate and get frustrated over somethings before stepping in and saying something, and then not keeping a presence there to help especially when things get a bit dicey has they have recently, and that is what has many here in the STO community put off quite a bit. They perceive this as you not caring about the community and failing in your promise to stay true to your oath that the community here means everything and that we are a part of the development of the franchise, and many might have more temperate voices if they felt that you were regarding them as more than a monthly sub fee and looking at them as a member of the larger STO family, whose voices and concerns do matter and who have a responsive and caring dev team and forum moderators who are quick to respond when issues crop up and are offering a sympathetic ear and are empathic to the concerns of said community and reassuring them that everything will be okay and that they will make it up to the community in the near future.

To wrap this up, we are looking to all of you up there in Los Gatos, CA. USA and we are all trying to remain loyal to you and support you in making this MMO a stellar product. But we do need something from you in return and this cannot be stated any simpler than this. Talk to us and always be ready to talk to us, because even if things are troubled and the pressure is on to make the right, we will stand by you if we all know that you are indeed listening and giving us the time to let us in on what's going and and what your doing about it. I will be here on Launch Day and beyond, but it is up to you there to make sure that we all are there and that we all know that you want us in there for the long haul.

Thank you for STO. Good Luck. Live Long and Prosper, my friends.