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# 1 Please, Devs...
01-31-2010, 05:30 PM
Please, Devs, please make the game stable for launch tomorrow. Why? Because I have an invested interest in the game (i preordered) and would like to see the game do well. Really, you have a good thing going here, STO can turn out to be a fantastic game. The problem is that first impressions of games is everything. If John Q. WiiSports pops onto the game and has ANY problem with it, then he'll quit. Then, in the anger of the moment for having "wasted" the money, will immediately go on to, etc. to write a horrible, one-star review. The problem? Even if this game turns into something that cures all diseases and makes the user immortal, that horrible review stays posted on all the sites that most people read from. Thus, the game will falter and die due to lack of patronage because people who aren't avid gamers won't sign on due to the launch-day review.

Thus, please, please devs. Make this game playable for launch day. Because if you don't, then you're kinda screwed.