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01-31-2010, 05:43 PM
Originally Posted by gen_spark
You ALSO fail. I didn't pay for the head start, many people didnt. They paid for the extras and bonuses. The headstart was simply another bonus - and they are getting it, they should have used their brains and figured out what that entitles BEFORE buying it if that was their own reason.

Headstarts are almost always - Just. Like. This.

Use your head or AGAIN, GTFO out game.
"Early Start Program
This is only available when you preorder. Early Start is currently scheduled to begin on January 29th, 2010." - Direct2Drive

I think thats what they were referring to, many people are under the impression that the headstart is only available by preordering the game - which you do have to pay for.
I'm sure if noone paid for this bonus then they wouldnt feel cheated

Feel free to hurl childish abuse at me too but im not quitting, im not saying im leaving etc, im just pointing out a potential reason why people have overreacted