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01-31-2010, 06:10 PM
Have YOU considered them?

No really. Take a moment and consider them.

No, don't keep reading, THINK about how it would work given the current map/server architecture!

Ok, if you're still reading, you didn't.

1: Think about how exciting walking around your ship would be. Take footage from ST:TNG films, splice together two hours of nothing but people walking around the corridors. That's how exciting it would be.

1a: Agreed, having no bridge view is silly. Sector space isn't interesting either.

1): Cryptic isn't good at voice acting, I'll stick with ME2, myself.

(2 comes after 1, btw, just saying)

b: For PVE missions: sure. For PVP- are you going to expect everyone on the map to load into your ship? Will you and another guy just wander off into another instance of boarding each other? How would that even work and be fun? If each side had one big ship they had to board, most people would probably bail if the other side boarded their ship.

c: A ready room almost makes sense, except the engine doesn't seem to do that kind of thing very well. Gambling games in a casino would be one thing, but are you really going to sit in your ship all day diddling your NPCs?