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Originally Posted by Thenician View Post
Wait, am I insane? Crap, now you've sown doubt in my mind. I have to go double check.
Fear not, DS9 and the wormhole are still within the Bajoran star system, as far as the show is concerned.

I've never been to DS9 in STO though~

Originally Posted by KlingonHero
Are you sure about that? Wouldn't the station be called Bajor 1 then? Its in the middle of space...hence the designation Deep Space 9.
DS9 was built by the Cardassians who named it, Terok Nor, and the Federation, with the permission of the Bajoran goverment, took over the station after the occupation renaming it, Deep Space 9 but who knows, maybe "Terok Nor" in Cardassian means, "Bajor 1."