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01-31-2010, 07:11 PM
Originally Posted by TheStreaker
The 4 space ones seemed to be the best, at least for me, more space combat then ground combat, and the PvP space comabt is much more fun than the ground in my opinion.

They are:

Astrophysicist +10 Starship Operations
Efficient + 5 shield/engine/energy weapon/auxiliary efficiency
Techie +10 Starship Engineer Training
Warp Theorist +10 Starship Warp Core Training
Eh... from getting to lvl 39, I would say space and ground combat are about 50/50 honestly.

On that note, I also went all space but I'm playing vulcan so I also have the two racial traits that they come with. I also went with space combat traits because I play STO for the space combat, not so much the ground. :p