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01-31-2010, 07:23 PM
we are not evil, we are merely... misunderstood.

seriously: cardassians should get a discipline bonus/skill, which would perhaps give them a bonus to their repair or weapons reload times. an organisation or efficiency bonus perhaps as well.

and i can't wait to get out of this human disguise and play a proper Gul... and then we will teach the bajorans a lesson! ******n spiritualist farmboys, the amish of the galaxy! and how annoying that crap with the prophets always is... man, we pulled them kicking and screaming into the 24th century, we showed them that there was a world beyond their own limited excuse for a planet, and they call us oppressors? we only wanted to take care of them, the poor orphaned stepchildren of the sector... and they call thefederation on us. but they will PAY! muahahahahahaaaaa