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01-31-2010, 08:03 PM
I know there's an air of "lets PvP" about the end game right now. I can't wait to fly in to battle in my admiral class ship too. I do however also like PvE. Sure, my idea sounded kind of WoW influenced but that's because WoW is influenced by nearly every good feature of every other MMO. It's the "the Simpsons did it" of MMO's.

So how about we copy Super Metroids boss fights? Oh, wow did it. How about we add a crafting system like other posts have suggested? Oh, wow did it. How about we add largescale pvp battles? Wait, wow did it.

WoW takes its inspiration from good games, but thats how the world works. Hell, even Shakespear took most of his ideas from existing stories.

If you dislike the concept of space raids how about you make your own suggestions? Your own completely unique idea that is completely unlike wow! I all but guarantee I can find something about it thats parallel to feature of WoW.

But then what do I know. I'm a doctor, not a game designer.

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