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# 1 My biggest frustration...
01-31-2010, 09:26 PM
Believe it or not, my biggest gripe is NOT about the server crashes, lag, or amount of downtime.

Now, granted, I only started playing for the first time yesterday... yes, I'm new... so maybe I'm just missing something. However, each time I have logged in to play with my friend we have the WORST time trying to play together. This game seems like it goes out of its way to keep you and your friends and/or groupies apart.

We each have to spend quite a few minutes finding each other, grouping up, and getting in the same instance. Then we head out to do a mission and the real trouble starts. We get to a deep space encounter and we try to enter.... but once inside we constantly find that we have been separated into different instances. Why would the game do this? I can't understand that. I want to play with my friend... and my group mates... NOT RANDOM STRANGERS.

So, I will try to go to his instance... but that doesn't work because his is full. Then he will try to come to mine... but that doesn't work because mine is full. So then we both try to find another instance we can BOTH join... and even THAT is near impossible because the list of instances seem completely random and neither of us ever seem to have the same ones listed as available at the same time. The list is not even in numerical order and is not sortable... gosh it is frustrating.

For the next 15 minutes or so the two of us keep doing this back-and-forth zoning dance in and out of instances until we can both finally get into the same instance. THIS IS CRAZY! Why is this game trying so hard to keep people apart? I don't get it! Then we go to another mission and start this process all over again, and again, and again.

What is even worse... there doesn't seem to be a way to tell which instance you, yourself, are in. My buddy can look through the list of instances and see which one I am in... but I have no idea which one I am in. I can look at the list and see which one he is in... but he can't see which one he is in. And I keep thinking to myself... it is just two of us now... what a pain in the arse it would be if we had a full group of guildies grouped up and trying to play together... what a nightmare!

We have to go through this ritual every time we zone in to do a mission and after two days... frankly... I'm getting very irritable about it.

I don't know... maybe I'm completely missing something and simply haven't discovered some part of the options or interface yet that will make this process much simpler. But for now... I'm about to pull my hair out.