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01-31-2010, 08:35 PM
oh i can add to this list! i have some things that have been seriously ****ing me off.

for example: what the hell does
"To Self: 0 genades for 2 seconds" mean?
"photon grenade 1 transit to source"?

"turret grabs owners stats for buffs"? i know what it says, but buffs are applied, stats are stats...

what's the difference between physical and kinetic. if there IS a difference.

why does my ship have a stat for Cold resist? expecting Frost Bolt?

what's the difference between Starship Deflector and Starship Deflector Dish?

+2 Hold? what does it start at? 0?

ramping up skills: +6. +10. +what? percent? is that 6 + 10 for 16? or +6 to +10 for a total difference of 4? from +6 to +10 for beam weapons was 160 to 165 damage at 70 units of power. that's like 1.6%. it's not 16%. it's not even 16 damage.


these arbitrary stats are driving me NUTS, i don't understand what they mean. +21% Self Strength Damage Resistance then applies Resistance on targets for 3% of Targets Targets Kinetic blah blah why is there a difference between Knockback and Repel in ground combat?

seriously this is frustrating. why so many terms? Cryptic knows what they mean. WE DON'T.