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01-31-2010, 09:44 PM
How hard is it to post:

Stability fixes.

Not hard at all... not all that informative, but its SOMETHING... which is exactly my point.

They have big problems right now. The game was not ready for launch - not even close. the very least they could do is to update us even on the little or insignificant stuff.

And yes, patch notes need to be checked. thats part of the QA process. I know all about how that works, being a senior developer for several years now. I published updates for large releases like this, but we ALWAYS included comprehensive change notes. Every time. Without fail. And we were not having major service issues lol - you can bet that if we were, we would be giving hourly updates to the clients. (No, I am not asking for hourly updates. Daily would be nice tho!)