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01-31-2010, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
9 out of 10 Fed teams are utter noobs.

1 out of 10 actually have a balanced team, heal each other, work together and will destroy you. Fed science ships have a built in ability to target subsystems which Klingons simply don't have access to.

T1 I do think Cryptic might have overdone it, basically giving our ships the best gear available from vendors. There's really nothing to even upgrade unless you want to switch to a different weapon type.

T2 is another story. We enter T2 with gear so crappy that some of the T1 gear is actually better and should be stripped off of your old ship. And then you need to PvP for like 4 levels to have enough medals to get some good upgrades going (maybe more than 4 levels if you do ground gear first).

I've seen Klingons own in T2, too, but we definitely are behind the curve on equipment and access to proper ship types. When you get some Feds who know what they're doing, it's painful.
This is why I'm going through PVE with my fed right now, until they fix Klingons T2+, and will be mailing all of the best gear for pvp at every tier to him. My PVE guy may be gimped a bit, but you don't need the best gear to crush the PVE stuff.