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01-31-2010, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by potus98 View Post

[b][color="DeepSkyBlue"]1) Is there a very relaxed sense of continuity in an MMORPG? ie: Is it normal for each of these missions to reset so quickly? When returning to the same place, I would have expected a new subsequent story, a new trading destination, or a dead-end "thanks again for your help" conversation with the NPC.
It will depend on the mission - some can repeat as often as you like (that is farm if you will), some require a type of gate (say you have a random drop in your inventory - it usually drops often but not so much that you can do the instance all you want), and some have locks and/or cooldowns.

Typically the better the reward the hard it is to repeat. End game raids that contain the absolute best equipment are often on week long locks whereas a simple instance that is no more than just normal play usually isn't.

2) While fighting the bad guys in this mission, I tried to use the asteroid base as cover. Think: tiny island in a naval battle. They could shoot right through the asteroid, but I couldn't target them until I had clear LOS. Is there usually such relaxed collision detection in an MMORPG?
Sadly, par for the course. So are the pathing issues and brain dead things out AI does on away missions. In fact, I would say for a release this is pretty decent. If they put as much effort into it as other games (which, again, sadly is very little) we should see something decent in a few months. There are frankly a number of games that years into release do not do this good. At least they give us some AI controls to go around their bugs - many games do not even do that, you just have to learn how to play with them.

Hopefully the LOS thing will get fixed fairly quickly as it is irritating for one of them to fly into an asteroid, get stuck where I can not hit them, but they happily stay there as they can hit me. I have to fly away from them until it forces them to move in another direction and become unstuck.

Frankly most MMO's are buggier even well after release, I've been well pleased at this game at its release with respect to that. They aren't doing that great for server stability, but still it is in the lower end of "average". I suspect from the earlier login queues and open beta issues that they just didn't expect the load they got - there is both good and bad about that. Good that you have the customers, bad that the first taste of your product is servers down and login queues. I would rather have that issue than vastly overestimate what you need

Heck, about 8-10 months ago Lord of the Rings Online had some severe server stability for that very reason - subs jumped and the populated servers (Brandywine - the one I play on) lagged all day and had to be reset every half day to day and a half. If I tried to cross zones I couldn't sometimes for over an hour and I can't tell you how many missions I had to redo because I got a 30 minute rollback. This went on for around a month IIRC - and as far as bugs and stability goes Turbine is one of the better ones. So, yea, it happens. It's part of playing this type of game though some like to rant and rail about it - you aren't going to find any game that does substantially better so far (we will have to give it a couple of months to see long term though) and you can find ones that are MUCH worse even well after release.